Foreword From The Director


Message from the Director

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The science of public policy has only recently emerged (post world war II) and gained acknowledgement. The main goal of the science was to bridge the discrepancy between political theory and political practices done by governments. In other words, the science of public policy was created to focus on how to make better policies, with strong theoretical foundations and sound evidence. The study of public policy is unique. Its uniqueness lies in its complexity and need of combining multiple branches of knowledge to formulate and analyze public policies.


The science of public policy has just begun to gain momentum in Indonesia, with the emergence of several public policy-related program studies within universities in the last decade. However, the program studies view the study of public policy as a sub-branch of other studies (i.e. economics, administration, etc.), which results in the inability of viewing public policies with a broader perspective.


The School of Government and Public Policy (SGPP) Indonesia focuses on re-inventing the study of public policy in Indonesia, so that the study of public policy becomes a main branch of knowledge, supported by sub-branches that include economics, politics, management, and other branches of science. We believe that better public policies will be produced through multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder approaches instead of the conventional point of view. Furthermore, one of the missions of SGPP is to bridge between theoretical aspects with practical aspects of public policy.


SGPP was founded in 2012, relatively young for an academic institution. Albeit our young age, through our one year and six months Public Policy Masters Program, we strive to provide relevant and high quality education for current and future policy-makers of all nationalities. Our teachers include prominent scholars and practitioners from Indonesia and abroad, who have high commitment in improving the study and implementation of public policy.


Lastly, we would like to thank you for your interest in SGPP Indonesia, and hope we can collaborate for a better future.




Safendrri Komara Ragamustari, Ph.D.

Director, School of Government and Public Policy Indonesia